​Which Pack Should I Pick? 3 Ways to Decide

​Which Pack Should I Pick? 3 Ways to Decide

With BarNow, you can buy bar exam or MPRE study aids by topic area, intact by administration, or purchase one of our many Value Packs.

Here’s how to pick the pack that’s right for you, based on:

A. Value. Choose the “Everything Pack” to get ALL your MBE, MPRE, MPT and MEE Study aids at once! The “Everything Pack,” priced at $250, is our bestselling study aid with more than 900 questions from 29 study aids. If you purchased these study aids separately, you'd spend more than $800. 

B. Exam. If you want an exam-specific study aid—like the MBE--consider the All MBE Value Pack (525 questions) or the MBE Two-Pack (200 questions). Packs specific to the UBE, MEE, and MPT are also available.

C. Administration or year. You can purchase MBEs, MPTs and MEEs from February or July, going as far back as 2017. We’ll add new study aids after each new administration is complete, so expect to see some new study aids annually in summer and fall.

Whether you’re searching for something specific, or want a value pack, there are many options available.

Check out our products today! 

12th Jun 2019

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