​What’s New With BarNow: NCBE’s New Study Aids Portal

​What’s New With BarNow: NCBE’s New Study Aids Portal

Being organized can help you work more efficiently. That’s why study aids on NCBE’s new BarNow eLearning platform have been reorganized by exam and topic area to help you study better for the bar exam.

With BarNow, you’ll get the same high-quality study aids, written by the people who write the bar exam, in a mobile friendly eLearning platform you can access anytime. 

Here are three reasons why BarNow can help you study more efficiently: 

1. BarNow is searchable by keyword, eliminating the need to download and juggle multiple study aids documents. Just type in a search term to find all the questions relevant to that specific topic.

2. Make notes and add bookmarks and complete practice questions and tests for later reference, knowing that you can stop practice at any time and resume work in the same spot later—even if you’ve logged out.

3. Rate your relative strengths and weaknesses for each question with self-reported confidence levels. You’ll also see how much time you spend per question—including the amount of time spent for correct and incorrect questions.

Whether you’ve been studying for the bar for a while, or you’re just beginning, check out BarNow today. Simply visit the Study Aids Store to purchase your study aids, and you’ll receive a voucher code with instructions to access the portal for the first time. Once you’ve logged in, your study aids will be ready to use on BarNow.

5th Jun 2019

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