​Save $100 with the All MBE Value Pack

​Save $100 with the All MBE Value Pack

Get 525 questions for just $175

If you’re looking for some authentic NCBE study aids that focus on the MBE component of the bar exam at a great deal, consider the All MBE Value Pack.

This value pack includes:

If you purchased these items individually, you’d pay $275! With the All MBE Value Pack, you get 525 questions among three study aids for just $175—a $100 discount.

Like all our study aids, the All MBE Value Pack is offered on BarNow, NCBE’s mobile friendly eLearning platform. You’ll see your percent correct in total and for each subject, average time spent per question, and scores by category (torts, evidence, etc.)

Check it out now! 

4th Dec 2019

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