How Do I Access My Study Aids?

How Do I Access My Study Aids?

You've purchased your NCBE study what?

To access your study aids, you'll need to log on to BarNow, NCBE's eLearning platform. You can log in from your computer or your mobile device. 

Here's how to get started:

1. Check your email. You should have received a confirmation email and voucher code with login instructions after purchasing your study aids.

2. Visit and enter in the code from your email. (Note: This is NOT your NCBE number).

3. Once you've logged on, you'll be able to access your study aid at any time, anywhere you can go online. If you only bought one study aid--you're done! If you bought multiple study aids, you'll need to enter in each voucher code associated with those study aids.

4. Begin practicing! Be sure to take advantage of everything BarNow has to offer--including timed practice, the ability to take notes and make bookmarks as you go, and self-rate your confidence levels with various exam topics.

4th Sep 2019

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