Get the Everything Pack for 50% Off Now Through Sept. 30

Get the Everything Pack for 50% Off Now Through Sept. 30

Or $10 off the Simulated MPRE

Are you planning to take the bar exam this year? Here's some good news to help you with bar prep. 

NCBE understands the anxiety and financial hardship many bar exam candidates are facing this year. To help relieve this burden, NCBE will offer discounted study aids, including the Everything Pack and the Simulated MPRE, for candidates taking the bar exam or the MPRE in the summer or fall of 2020. 

The Everything Pack includes all available bar exam study aids. If purchased separately, these study aids would cost more than $800 total! From June 1 to Sept. 30, you can get the Everything Pack for $125 (a 50% discount) and the Simulated MPRE for $35 (a $10 discount). The discounted study aids will have the same 1-year access privileges as regularly priced study aids. 

All study aids are offered on BarNow, NCBE's new eLearning platform. Study anytime, anywhere it's convenient for you. BarNow study aids are intended to familiarize examinees with the types of questions we develop for the bar exam.

11th May 2020

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