5 Ways to Study Better For The Bar with BarNow

5 Ways to Study Better For The Bar with BarNow

If you’ve seen NCBE Study aids in the past, chances are they were in a static document. 

Now, you can save time normally spent juggling multiple downloads and focus on one area of bar exam practice on BarNow, NCBE’s new eLearning platform.

BarNow is an interactive, mobile friendly platform with a variety of features that can help you organize and focus your practice for the bar exam. Some of BarNow’s features include:

1. Responsive design for mobile devices. Access your study aids anywhere you can go online. You can try simulated tests and practice questions when it’s convenient for you! Practice on your tablet while riding the bus or eating lunch.

2. A search function, which allows you to find questions by topic. Simply type in a keyword, such as “civil procedure,” and see all related practice questions or scenarios.

3. Notes and bookmarks. You can easily type notes or bookmark questions you’d like to revisit later. All your notes and bookmarks will be saved in the platform—even after you’ve logged out.

4. Timers. See how much time you’ve spent on each question and see how much time you spend on correct answers vs. incorrect answers.

5. Gamification. Try BarNow's "sudden death" and see how many simulated exam questions you can answer correctly in a row.

Don’t wait to get your study aids! Simply visit our Study Aids Store to purchase, and you’ll receive a voucher code with instructions on accessing the portal for the first time. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to access your study aids and see your progress any time.

12th Jun 2019

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