​What Do I Get in the Everything Value Pack?

​What Do I Get in the Everything Value Pack?

If you’re looking to purchase all your bar exam study aids at once, the Everything Pack is the way to go. It’s our best-selling study aid, and includes more than 900 practice questions covering the MBE, MPRE, MEE and MPT on BarNow, NCBE’s mobile friendly eLearning platform.

Here are just a few of the Everything Value Pack’s features:

1. It’s organized by exam and topic area. You can easily switch between components on BarNow as your practice (the platform automatically saves your spot).

2. You can track your progress through each component. The platform tells you how much time you spent on each question and practice session, including time spent on correct and incorrect answers.

3. Search for questions by keyword to find specific subjects or scenarios on which to focus.

4. Discuss questions in public forums with others using BarNow to share thoughts and ideas.

While you can purchase study aids for each component separately (like the MEE study aids, which are sold by topic area), the Everything Value Pack provides you with study aids for each component of the bar exam at the lowest price.

Check out the Everything Value Pack now.

12th Jun 2019

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