Torts MEE Practice Questions



Get 10 Torts essay questions appearing on the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) in actual past administrations of the bar exam.

Two of these questions are also included in the Agency and Partnership MEE Practice Questions study aid, and one of these questions is also included in the Constitutional Law Practice Questions study aid, because those questions present issues in Agency and Partnership or Constitutional Law in addition to Torts. 

On BarNow, NCBE’s eLearning platform, you can type answers to the questions, track the time you spent on each question, and compare your answers to a detailed analysis of the issues presented in each question. Alternatively, you can download the questions and analyses from the eLearning platform. 

Note: Some of the MEE questions in this study aid are available for free download at

Although the analyses are illustrative of the discussions that might appear in excellent examinee answers to MEE questions in the real bar exam, the analyses are more detailed than examinee answers are expected to be. Note that the analyses have not been reviewed or updated for any relevant changes in the law since the questions were originally administered. Therefore, they should not be used as substantive preparation for the bar exam. They are provided only to familiarize students with the breadth and depth of the issues presented in MEE questions. NCBE makes no representations and provides no assurances regarding performance on the bar exam relating to use of any NCBE study aid.

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