Educator and Bulk Discounts

NCBE currently offers three types of discounts for study aid purchases.

1. Educator discount for hard copy or downloadable study aids (no minimum quantity): 50% discount

To determine if your law school is eligible before placing an order, contact and provide your name, phone number, and name of school. Upon approval, you will receive account login instructions. After you log in, your discount will automatically be applied when you order online.

2. Bulk institutional orders of 100 or more hard copy or downloadable study aids: 50% discount

To order a bulk purchase, please call us at 608-280-8550.

3.  Bulk institutional orders of 10 or more MBE/MPRE Online Practice Exams

MBE-OPE: $35 per student per practice exam.

MPRE-OPE: $24 per student per practice exam.

To determine if your institution is eligible, to obtain information about the terms of bulk OPE orders, or to place an order, please contact